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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || December 2019

December offer so many opportunities for networking and learning! This month take some time out during the holidays to come out and mingle and make some new friends! Here’s what’s going on in Toronto’s Architecture
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || November 2019

Happy Halloween! November starts tomorrow and with it many events and workshops for the Architecture & Interior Design community. Whether you are looking to network in a casual environment or  learn something new in a
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What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Recommendations

As you all know, LinkedIn is a powerful tool these days when it comes to trying to find a job, or hiring fresh talent. So, it’s no surprise that great recommendations on LinkedIn bear heavy
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October. Text hanging on the strings

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || October 2019

October is shaping up to be a very busy month, offering many events for Architects and Interior Designers. There’s something for everyone, from the ARIDO Awards Gala to the RAIC Festival of Architecture and to
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new job

10 Ways to Rock Your New Job

Starting a new job always comes with a mix of emotions – lots of excitement, together with nerves about the unknown. First impressions do last, and there are certain things you can do from the
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || September 2019

September is here and with Back to School season, the architecture and interior design community has endless events happening in Toronto. There are events that include educational seminars and free walking tours around the city.
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || August 2019

The best thing about summer in Toronto is the endless amounts of outdoor exhibits, summer walks, and patio networking events to choose from. If you’re looking to get out and socialize in the modern art,
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Refer a Friend and Win a $500 Gift Card!

We are excited to announce yet another way for our contacts and colleagues to WIN with Vered Klein Recruitment Consultants – Introducing “Refer a Friend and Win” a $500 Gift Card! We are looking for
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || July 2019

Summer has arrived in Toronto, and the city is hosting a whole heap of outdoor activities, summer learning, and patio networking events and more!  If you’re looking to mingle in the modern art, design and
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Prepare (Your Work) for Vacation : The No-Stress Vacation Planner

There is nothing worse than dreaming up and planning the perfect vacation, and then having work-related stress overwhelm your precious and well-deserved time off. Here are my top 7 tips for preparing your work life
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || June 2019

The month of June is exciting in Toronto as the city is warming up with outdoor activities, galas, and networking events. If you’re looking to take part in the modern art, design and architecture community,
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || May 2019

May is beautiful in Toronto with so many exciting outdoor events, seminars, and galas in Toronto. During the month of May, you’re invited to attend events showcasing innovative works in modern art, design and architecture.
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Linkedin branding

Ten Effective Ways To Improve Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  By now, you know that Linkedin goes far beyond than just being an online resume. It’s a great way to develop your career and build your personal brand. But isn’t personal branding for “influencers”
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || April 2019

The month of April is buzzing with exciting events, conferences and workshops in Toronto. Start the month with ideas for innovation at Architect @ Work and Designer Drinks , the annual BEATMix and more…There are
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || March 2019

March has arrived and you know what that means. Spring is just around the corner (or at least we hope so!) and the city of Toronto is buzzing with a ton of upcoming events. From
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Job search Pro IMG_0767

Job Searching Like a Pro (and how to keep recruiters coming back)

It’s a new year and are you looking to start a new job? Or are you currently employed and keeping an eye out for something more interesting? Whether you’re actively looking for a new job
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events ||February 2019

This month beat the winter weather and attend some events and interesting discussions. There’s lots going on around the city of Toronto. From cool art exhibits to inspire your creativity to the CSC Building Expo
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6 Small Steps for BIG Career Success

We hope you had an amazing New Year’s Eve and Day. Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2019? I’m sure you will agree with me that it doesn’t take long for us to begin to
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || January 2019

Happy New Year! 2019 is almost here and there are tons of events going on in Toronto. January is a great time to make some new friends and attend some interesting discussions and parties. Here’s
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Happy Holidays!

Secrets of job searching during the holidays

  The stores are decorated; the smell of Gingerbread latte is in the air. Shopping lists, holiday events and family gatherings are on everyone’s mind. And what about your job search? The myth is that
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Cheering up

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || December 2018

This month take some time out during the holidays to come out and mingle and make some new friends! Here’s what’s going on in Toronto’s Architecture and Interior Design scene in December! Harbourfront Centre |
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Three simple tips to make your resume stand out

They say finding the right candidate to fill a job is like trying to find the needle in the haystack. So, when you’re applying for senior-level jobs, you need to make sure your resume stands
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || November 2018

It’s getting chilly in the month of November, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors! This month, the city of Toronto is keeping you warm and toasty by hosting a ton of
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October 2017 Toronto Design Events

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || October 2018

Say goodbye to summer and hello to Fall! In October, ‘Sweater Weather’ is in effect and in Toronto, the city is buzzing with Fall events for everyone to enjoy. With Thanksgiving and Halloween just around
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || September 2018

So many events so little time… September is starting out and ending HOT in the architecture and interior design events arena. There are so many events happening it’s hard to pick which to attend. Ranging
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || August 2018

August’s Architecture and Interior Design events calendar is here! It is full of engaging and high-energy events that will help increase your knowledge AND your contact circle. These events are happening all around Toronto and
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || July 2018

Proudly presenting July’s Architecture and Interior Design Events Calendar for 2018. Whether you are looking for a fun event to mingle in ( like…TO DO Designer Drinks w/ Susan for Susan) OR a career building
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june written in the sky with contrails

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || June 2018

June is warming up with plenty of Architecture & Interior Design Events to choose from. Start out your month at the BEAT Breakfast Club for a tremendous networking event. Take a stroll and enjoy the
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || May 2018

We invite you to pull up a chair, grab your calendar, and browse our full list of Architectural & Interior Design Events. Be sure to add the relevant events to your plans. A few of
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Listen Up! Top Podcasts for Architects and Interior Designers

How do you keep yourself educated and engaged in your profession? Networking events and seminars are great but there’s another way to get exposure to new ideas and thoughts on the many different facets of
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || April 2018

SPRING – We look forward each year to the ending of winter and the fresh energy that seems to arrive with spring. With it, new and exciting events begin happen all around the city for
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || March 2018

Without much doubt spring has SPRUNG! Events for Architecture and Interior Design professionals are ablaze all around the city. From recurring events to brand new ones your choices abound. Begin by taking advantage of networking events
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Top Tips for Great References

I was checking a candidate’s references the other day and had the most difficult time getting through. I found myself “chasing down” one of the references who hadn’t heard from the candidate in 5 years.
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February events

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || February 2018

The month of February is known worldwide for its diverse celebrations and events. In Toronto the Architecture and Interior Design events are no different. This month you can choose from amazing events like Ryerson’s Arch Symposium
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January Events

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || January 2018

Fight off the winter blues this January with a calendar packed FULL of amazing Interior Design and Architecture Events. January has so many exciting events, it’s hard to pick which ones to attend. January’s events
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7 Things For Job Seekers To Leave Behind in 2017

Can you believe it? We are stepping into 2018 in just a few days! Amazing how this year has just flown by. We’ve been reflecting on the year we are leaving behind and have put
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || December 2017

The weather is colder, people are busier…it must be December again! This year has flown by. Events are quieter this time of year but you still won’t want to miss any of these events to continue your
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How to Use Video to Stand Out on LinkedIn Right Now

Notice anything different about your LinkedIn feed lately? A few months ago LinkedIn introduced a native video feature for all users and I have noticed more and more videos popping up from different businesses, advertisers
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || November 2017

Halloween may be over but there’s plenty to look forward to in the Design & Architecture world as this month is full of mixers and award presentations. There are so many amazing events in this
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New job

How is work different than school (and different than your summer job)

All that hard studying at school has finally paid off. Congratulations graduate! You’ve been offered your first official position in the Architecture & Design industry… but there are a few things you will need to
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October 2017 Toronto Design Events

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || October 2017

We know you’ve been looking forward to our October 2017 Architecture & Interior Design Events Calendar. This month is FULL to the brim with workshops, networking events, and lectures not to be missed. For example
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || September 2017

It’s September already… and although the weather is cooling, Toronto and it’s events are heating up! You simply cannot enjoy Toronto fully without truly seeing its design or architecture and knowing the history behind it.
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How to Ace a Panel Interview

The luxury of multiple interviews at different times and locations may be severely complicated for some firms. Especially if the position the firm is trying to fill, the candidate is required to wear  “multiple hats”. Queue
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || August 2017

Seems like the summer just started and it has just flown by. August is patio season, so take your dinner outside to enjoy these warm days before they are gone. As for events, there are
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Top Tips for Your Interview Attire

Congratulations! You’ve heard back and scheduled that interview you’ve been dying for. You know… the one with that amazing studio you’ve been salivating over. The position is perfect for you, and you know that you’ll
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Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || July 2017

From the time we were kids we learned that the summer months can be used in any multitude of ways. From exploring new environments, to relaxing by the water, or meeting new friends, summers can
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Crossword for post

The one thing you should never leave out of your resume

Everyone knows you need a well written resume. Spelling and grammar should be flawless. You can choose to show your jobs chronologically, in the traditional style, or showcase your skills in the functional kind.  Specify
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june written in the sky with contrails

Toronto Architecture & Interior Design Events || June 2017

As we prepare for our first official month of summer in 2017 now is the perfect time to start finding those MUST ATTEND events, tours, and exhibits. June is looking to be quite a busy
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How to get found on LinkedIn

How to Get Found on LinkedIn

Tell me if you have heard this story before…person sitting at their computer working away gets a LinkedIn message from a connection. A month later this person starts a new job and they weren’t on
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Designer Conversations are Happening – Join Us

Lately, we have been having some amazing dialogues over on LinkedIn about a variety of Architectural and Design career topics. It’s been great to see local designers and firm leaders come together in collaboration and
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Online port 2 for slider

Online Portfolio DOs and DON’Ts

If you don’t have an online portfolio yet…now is the time to create one! Online portfolios are a remarkably useful tool for you to showcase your work, achievements, potential and personality. When applying for jobs
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How to Beat Boredom at Work

It’s only natural to sometimes feel bored at work. Especially here in Canada, around this time of year – we are in the thick of winter and the holiday season is a distant memory, so
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Interview with Enthusiasm

5 Tips for Expressing Enthusiasm in an Interview

An important part of the interviewing process is to show a genuine interest in the new role and the company.  Most interviewers are influenced by the candidate’s ability to present themselves in an impressive manner,
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Startup Stock Photos

Quick Tips for a Terrific Resume

Since a resume is often times the first point of reference for a potential employer, it’s crucial that it truly reflects your talents, achievements, personality and style. Paying attention to some essential points, you can
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Fall Job Search

Top 5 Tips for Your Fall Job Search

Fall is here and its time to get motivated and prepared for the busiest time of year when it comes to changing jobs. I encourage you to take the time now to prepare yourselves for the fall
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Success Strategies for a Culturally Diverse Workplace

Toronto prides itself on being one of the most multicultural cities in the world. With people from all over the globe – our amazing city is home to a variety of cultures, values, practices and
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3 Steps to Research A Firm’s “Company Culture”

Company culture is the personality of a firm. It’s an important factor is determining whether a new job is a good fit for you. So, I encourage you to take the time to do some
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Download guide2

Download Your FREE Interviewing Guide

After so many years of helping people prepare for interviews…I’m very excited to share this Interviewing guide with you! My passion for my work, coupled with my desire to help people reach their professional goals,
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Female outdoor mobile phone city sms message

Best Job Search Apps for Designers and Architects

Searching for a job can be a full-time job itself – it’s time consuming and often frustrating. Yet in this day and age, since we live in such a connected world, the process of looking
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Five Architects Sitting Around Table Having Meeting

Listen up: One of the Best Interviewing Skills to Have

Last week I interviewed a great candidate. This person has many years of experience managing projects and people. He’s also a great storyteller and was able to showcase his achievements with some very specific and
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Keyboard with enter button, attitude word on it

Are You Well Suited To Work At a Small Firm?

I’m sure you have all been faced with the question of whether to work for a small firm, or go with the bigger well-known firm, at some point in your careers… It seems to be
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Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and represent team support and help concept

How to answer the one question you will be asked in every interview

Certain interview questions are easier to prepare for than others, and you can usually bank on certain typical interview questions being asked. One of the harder, yet common interview questions revolves around the topic of
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Meeting In Architects Office

How to Stand Out in a Crowd of Talent

  Is doing a good job enough to stand out from the crowd? How can you, as a team member, working alongside other talented professionals shine and be noticed? One way to go beyond the
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Conceptual keyboard - Twitter (blue key with logotype)

How to Use Twitter for Your Job Search

  In the age of social media, we have countless outlets for job searching. Platforms such as LinkedIn are the first to come to mind, but Twitter is becoming a great tool for finding employment. Twitter
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Website SEO and analytics icons

6 Tips and Tricks for Infographic Resumes

Ever heard of an infographic resume? Although not appropriate for everyone, this innovative and visually-enticing way of displaying one’s work experience and achievements is certainly causing a buzz in the job hiring world. In today’s
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Business interaction

Don’t forget to do this on your next interview

  When preparing yourself for an interview, there is one important part that is often forgotten – you are there to ask questions too! This is your chance to find out if this is an
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Choosing a mentor

Five top reasons you should get yourself a mentor

So many articles out there about having a mentor as one of the most important keys to success. I believe this is especially true in the early stages of your career, but is invaluable at
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Get Inspired by Architecture Blogs

Top 100 Architecture Blogs and more…

Take a few moments this holiday season to look at your profession from a different perspective. If you have some time to step away from the day to day work of your projects, take a
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Plan ahead for interview sucess

An introvert’s guide to acing interviews

If you’re an introvert you have to view Susan Cain’s TED talk about the Power of Introverts. In this passionate talk, Susan argues that introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should
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Best Advice for slider

Best Advice for Interior Designers

A while back I asked senior designers what would be their advice for junior designers just starting out in the business. I imagined their advice would be about skill development, but found that for most
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Story for slider

Are you a good storyteller?

I’m not talking about the “Once Upon a time…” kind of story here. (although if you have little kids that might be your forte). What I’m talking about are compelling career stories that bring to
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Top Architects for slider

Top architects talk business

Ever wonder how do some architects get to be starchitects? After all, everyone started as new grads, no experience and tons of passion, so how do some go from intern to owner? Jenn Kennedy interviewed
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IPAD for slider

Interior Designers’ iPAD essential apps

Here’s a great list of apps that will get you using your iPAD for work. I’m mostly impressed with AutoCAD for iPAD. Wouldn’t it be nice to make some changes right there with your client? imagine the impact
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Prezume for slider

A resume or a Prezume? Both actually…

Prezumes are on the rise and they certainly got my attention! Working away on one of my searches I stumbled upon one online. It was done in a way that made me look at this
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Is your Facebook page the first interview?

There are many articles out there on how employers are researching candidate’s Facebook, twitter, and Linkedin pages before making a hiring decision. Most employers are looking for red flags such as usage of drugs, badmouthing
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cool toronto for slider

Cool Stuff for (Toronto) Architecture Lovers

I have to admit, I love gadgets. This is a pretty cool idea so let me share it with you. Still in its infancy, this free app for iPhones and Android phones uses geo-positioning for
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