Ten Effective Ways To Improve Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

By now, you know that Linkedin goes far beyond than just being an online resume. It’s a great way to develop your career and build your personal brand. But isn’t personal branding for “influencers” and business owners? Do you actually need a personal brand if you’re employed?

Employed or freelancing, even if you are not actively searching for a new job, establishing a reputation with your network by letting them know who you are and what you care about can make a huge impact on your career. It can increase your chances of getting promoted and open up new career opportunities for you now and in the future.

If you have a great wealth of knowledge and experience in your field, you can utilize Linkedin as a way to establish yourself as an expert in your professional community. But you don’t have to  be an expert to benefit from a personal brand. How do you get started? Here are some tips anyone can use to develop your personal brand on Linkedin.

Linkedin Basics – Phase One

Do a solid review of your current Linkedin profile and be sure to have the following filled in with relevant information.

1) LinkedIn Profile Is Complete

Be sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your Linkedin profile. Incomplete Linkedin profiles have a lower ranking and when it’s at 100%, you’ll rank higher than those who have an incomplete profile.

2) Have a Professional Headshot

Forget about using selfies, it’s best to Invest in getting a professional photo taken. According to a 2016 LinkedIn survey, your profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed if you have a LinkedIn photo. There are many photographers who take Linkedin profile photos at an affordable rate. Just do a search of them in your city. If you can’t afford one, put on a blazer or suit and get a friend to take some close up photos of you with a white background.

3) Personalise Your LinkedIn URL

Instead of using a generic URL like Linkedin.com/in/000770098089, change it to your full name so it reflects: Linkedin.com/in/johnsmith. This will make you searchable on LinkedIn and Google.

4) Craft a More Strategic Headline

Have a summary and headline that tell readers something about who you are and your professional interests and knowledge.

Linkedin Branding – Phase Two

In phase two of building your brand, it’s time to reach out to other users on Linkedin and share content and communicate. Here’s some helpful tips on how to get in touch with potential Linkedin connections.

5) Share Related Content

Use hashtags to search for content about subjects that interest you or the sector you’re trying to gain connections in. By sharing useful information to others in your professional community, you can create your own network of current connections with new ones.

6) Comment on  Relevant Content

By pulling up relevant content you can relate to, you’ll be able to comment on other people’s posts about the specific topic. Make smart comments in these posts and build a conversation. Before you know it, they’ll be requesting to connect with you.

7) Make Big Announcements

Have an upcoming networking event or conference? Let your connections know you’ll be going to this event and invite them along to meet you in real life. Linkedin is the platform to boast about your accomplishments. When you’ve completed a big project or spoke at a conference, post a photo with you in it. This will make your reputation shine.

Advanced Linkedin Branding  – Phase Three

8) Become a Company Ambassador

By becoming a company ambassador on Linkedin you can really amplify your personal brand. To lift your Linkedin profile to reflect yourself as a Company Ambassador or Thought Leader, tell stories by publishing long-form posts on Linkedin Publisher. Start with publishing an article about something you recently accomplished or really care about. Be sure to add visuals to your posts with videos and photos to support your claims.

9) Make Connections By Joining Groups

When you join and participate in groups, this extremely adds to your personal branding.  Your goal is to gain “Top Contributor” status. This where you become active in at least 1-2 relevant groups and are regularly contributing to group discussions.  On the other hand, if you don’t want to create content in groups, you can still build your brand by sharing your knowledge in group discussions.

10) Showcase Your Expertise With SlideShare

Next to blogs, take it up a notch with using SlideShare.or LinkedIn Video. Slideshare and Video is a great way to leverage your personal brand because you can easily be discovered on Google. It’s an awesome tool to display your personality,  knowledge, and expertise in your field and boost traffic to your profile.

Now that you know some of the Linkedin tools to boost your personal brand, go for it. Start small and build from there. If you have any questions about job searching or developing your personal brand on Linkedin, email myself at vered@iklein.com or one of our recruiters at greatjobs@iklein.com.

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