Four Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used in Your Job Search

Job hunting can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Between finding the best job postings, writing personalized cover letters and application follow-ups; the process requires major effort and commitment. Luckily with the advent of new technologies and AI, new resources are emerging to help job seekers in their search. Like the latest trending AI, ChatGPT. This large language model chatbot provides users with detailed, human-like responses across many domains of knowledge. If writing is not your strong suit, ChatGPT can be used to your advantage during your job hunt by asking it the right questions. Here are 4 ways you can use ChatGPT during your job search: 

  1. Resume Writing

Your resume reflects you and is the first point of contact between you and a potential employer. If summarizing your education, work experience, relevant projects and skills is challenging for you, that’s where ChatGPT comes in. Input all the relevant information needed to build your CV into the software and ask it to create your very own resume. ChatGPT can also suggest keywords and phrases for your resume that will make it stand out from other applicants. 

What to input in ChatGPT: 

  • Prompt: “Write my resume using the following information: (insert the information listed below). List my work experience starting from my current role. Pull keywords from the following job description (paste the job description)”
  • Indicate the type of job or industry you are interested in
  • Name and contact information
  • Education: degree(s) earned, major(s), school(s) attended, graduation date(s)
  • Work Experience: company name, job title, employment dates, a brief description of your roles and responsibilities
  • Skills: proficiency in software(s), language(s) spoken/written, certification(s), technical skills
  • Achievements/Awards: list specific accomplishments and years awarded 


  1. Cover Letter /Intro Email Writing

Similarly to resumes, cover letters or Introductory emails are the initial contact point and it’s important for each email to succinctly sum up why you are the perfect candidate for the role. If this is another challenging task for you, ChatGPT can generate a personalized cover letter by knowing your professional experience, the job and the company you are applying for. The cover letter will be tailored to the job posting and will use keywords in the description, making you more likely to be contacted for an interview!


What to input in ChatGPT: 

  • Prompt: “Write a personalized cover letter for the role of (insert role title) at (company name) using the following information: (insert the information listed below). Pull keywords from the following job description and requirements (paste the job description).”
  • Indicate the company name and specific role you are applying for
  • Input the job description and specific requirements for the role
  • A brief explanation of why you are interested in the position and company
  • A summary of your professional experience, education and skills
  • List any relevant achievements/awards 


  1. Interview Preparation

They say practice makes perfect – so use ChatGPT for your interview prep! A nerve-wracking process can be a breeze as the AI software can generate common interview questions and potential responses. It can also help you prepare for different types of interviews such as video, phone, in-person or group interviews with multiple managers. Putting in practice with ChatGPT can help you nail your interview and increase your chances of getting the job. Use it along with our very own Interview Guide to improve your confidence and help you make a lasting impression on your potential employer!


What to input in ChatGPT: 

  • Prompt: “Provide me with practice interview questions and strong responses for the following role (insert job title and description) at (company name). Here is the (company name)’s mission, values and culture (paste from website). It will be a video interview. I am most concerned about the types of questions they may ask regarding collaborative projects.”
  • The job title and company name
  • A brief overview of the company’s mission, values, and culture
  • The job description, including the required skills and qualifications
  • Any relevant information about the interview format (e.g., phone interview, video interview, in-person interview)
  • A list of potential interview questions, if you have specific concerns


  1. Job Search Assistance

The hardest part about the job search is knowing where to start. From searching on LinkedIn, Indeed, Google and various social media posts, narrowing down the best job opportunities is demanding and hard to keep track of. With ChatGPT, you can generate a list of job openings that match your skills and experience by providing it with relevant keywords and locations. Prompt ChatGPT to provide you with background information on the companies and industries you are interested in working in to learn more about your potential employers. It can even suggest job titles and keywords to help you find the right job for you! 


What to input in ChatGPT: 

  • Prompt: “Provide me with a list of job openings and application links for (desired job title) based in (desired location) that are (desired position type) Select (desired job title) roles that are in the (desired industry).”
  • Include: 
    • Job title or industry you are interested in
    • Relevant skills or qualifications 
    • Desired location or geographic you would like to work
    • Type of job (full-time, part-time, contract, remote, etc.) you are interested in.
    • Specific companies or organizations you are interested in working for.


While emerging AI technologies are great resources, it’s important to remember ChatGPT is a new system that has its drawbacks. It should be used to assist you with these tasks, not as a replacement for human review and editing. Fostering human connections can go a long way in your job search so be sure to continue networking and staying in touch with others in the field to find the best opportunities! 

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