About Us

We are Vered Klein Recruitment Consultants—a leading recruitment firm rigorously dedicated to the architecture and interior design industries. It is here that the relationships between clients and candidates are made and supported, resulting in success for both. Our firm’s unparalleled, personalized methodology has been solidified through long-term placements, happy clients and industry recognition. We are proud to have positioned the best teams together since our inception, working with those who are passionate about their careers, and ultimately, shaping the design industry and fostering outstanding creativity. 

Working with us is a unique experience. After 15 years of experience in the industry, we aren’t simply about filling roles to make a commission. For us the ambition has become about relationship building; and so we find the right people to strengthen your teams and your business. Informed by an unmatched, in-depth knowledge, we have built our methodology on four pillars that we employ daily to forge the strongest partnerships and ensure success for everyone involved:

industry Intel

Time is of the essence. You’ve got deadlines, budgets and teams to manage. Therefore, your team must be precise in their skillset in order to contribute effectively to what you require, delivering great work. We believe finding suitable team members does not happen by merely placing ads and sorting through a myriad of hopeful resumes. Success in finding them only happens through in-depth knowledge of the industry and its ever-shifting dynamics. We are already embedded in the architecture and design communities and collaborate with established practitioners; we are able to use our connections to find new and emerging talent who meet your standards. This proficiency puts your organization in safe hands, acquiring suitable talent in a timely manner, and ultimately, contributing to the betterment of your team and the quality of your work.

the Design Process

We have intimate knowledge about the design process. We understand how architects and designers think. Our internal processes
have been honed to draw out the creativity, razor-sharp planning and rational decision-making from each candidate. By the time
we present them to you, we have already ensured they meet your standards. We then align their skill set, personality and interests
against the culture and requirements of your firm. This is the difference between filling a seat and finding a team member.

trusted Advisor

Our own success is based on a dedication to building trust with our clients. We simply wouldn’t do this job if we didn’t have the passion and pride associated with delivering the best candidate solutions for each client. We also know that trust is earned. Our ambitions in finding you a team member means that we are committed to take the time, effort and stress associated with the search and not stopping until we offer you and your team a qualified addition. Our process includes understanding each firm’s culture and standards, sourcing potential candidates, interviews, reviews of portfolios, assessment of the cultural fit and presenting the right candidates with opportunities at your firm. Put simply, we function as your trusted advisor by listening to your needs, going beyond your desires, advising you about the market and finding you the best candidate who goes beyond your expectations.


The basis of what we achieve lies in our commitment to long-term relationships with you and our candidates rather than short-term gain. We prepare candidates for expectations so you have the confidence that they are prepared and knowledgeable, not “checking out the opportunity” or “seeing what it’s like”. They already know your work and are informed about the opportunities and challenges. Even after a successful placement, we remain engaged with you and the candidate to ensure that both parties are happy with the decision and are committed to a lasting relationship.