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Vered Klein Recruitment Consultants is the leading recruitment agency specializing in Architecture & Interior Design. We work with Architecture & Interior Design firms to get the best talent on board. We are proud to have positioned the best teams together since our inception, working with those who are passionate about their careers, and ultimately, shaping the design industry and fostering outstanding creativity. 
Throughout the years we have helped numerous people move forward in their careers. This website is intended to provide career advice, Ideas, inspiration, and tools to professionals in this industry. 

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Four Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used in Your Job Search

Job hunting can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Between finding the best job postings, writing personalized cover letters and application follow-ups; the process requires major effort and commitment. Luckily with the advent of new technologies and AI, new resources

what people are saying

Joy Chia

Design Management

Vered has been my go-to recruiter for over 10 years! She represents a unique pool of local and international talents and endeavours to build lasting relationships with her Clients. Vered delivers consistency, reliability and genuineness. Having worked with Vered on the talent seeking side as well as on the career searching side, I am grateful for her professionalism and diligence. I am confident that no matter which side of the process you are on, Vered will be able to match you with the right placement and people.

Mimi Zhao

Marketing Manager

Vered is extremely honest and straightforward in her communications and she is a powerhouse of knowledge in the Architecture and Interior Design industry. She is warm and friendly, and really listens to your needs throughout the entire recruitment process. Coming off of mat leave, the transition back to work was not easy, but she gave me the confidence, the resources, and the opportunity to take control of my career. I could not be more happier with the position I currently have, and I owe it all to Vered. She is quick to respond, is always available, and really cares about finding the perfect fit for the company, and for the employee.

Julian Ortiz

Senior Design Professional

I had an amazing experience working with Vered Klein. She put so much care into finding the perfect fit for me and the company I was applying to, and the outcome has been more than incredible! Now I work for an exiting company and I am taking part in national and international projects. My career truly took a step forward.