the talent vision builder

We understand your world. Our first meeting takes place in-person at your studios.
Together we build a camaraderie that would seamlessly move us forward. With our in-depth experience in the industry and profound knowledge of talent profiles, we ask the right questions to determine your specific needs, requirements, structure, culture, goals and vision. We build a profile for an ideal addition, for your team, by benchmarking current and past professionals who have been successful in their roles.

The Top Candidate Summarizer

We take pride in making the perfect match. We cross-reference your criteria with our extensive industry network. As with clients, we build strong, personal relationships with past and current candidates. We not only reach out to those who are active job seekers, but also those who might be a better fit with you than within their current positions. In doing so, we employ a variety of methods to spread the word of new client openings including advertising and social media. We then provide you with a summary of the top 4-3 candidates and their resumes, portfolios and our outline as to why we feel they’d make a great fit.

The Pre/Post Interview Navigator

We map out the meetings. Based on your choices, we simplify and coordinate the process for you. We take care of the scheduling to ensure that both you and the candidate are aligned, confirmed and updated in-advance. The candidate will arrive at your studios fully prepared with the required portfolio details and information about the role so your time is spent getting to know them rather than reiterating the preliminaries. Moreover, we connect with you for feedback, leveraging our personality assessment tool to determine if we feel the candidate is the right fit professionally, behaviourally and culturally for your firm. In some cases, whether moving forward or redirecting our search, this is a chance for you to recognize previously unaware criteria or additional assessments we must make before taking the next steps in the interview process.

The Reference Reporter

We ensure the momentum. Once you’ve made your choice from the interview set, we conduct extensive reference-checks, covering the candidate’s performance, verifying their contribution to previous projects, their cultural fit and unearthing specific examples that showcase their work-related behaviours. In addition, we can handle any professional or security-checks that may be required. We then provide you with a two-page summary report.

The Offer Optimizer

We connect the dots. Our team begins by understanding your criteria and what the candidate is looking for personally, financially and professionally; and thus, we minimize any waste in time with candidates who lie outside of your budget or working criteria. However, it is after interviews and reference-checks that we can solidify the final factors that are important to the candidate. Determining

these factors helps to refine the offer and maximize the chance of acceptance by the most talented, suitable addition to your team.

Success Supporter

We strive for success. As with candidates, we remain in contact with you after the contracts have been signed and the candidate has started work with you. We provide continued support by regularly following up during the 3-month probationary period and are available for assistance with any issues that may arise within this timeframe. This ensures that the candidate transitions into a fully-integrated member of your team, contributing to the longevity of the your organization, your projects and the experience.