Current Trends and Tips for Job Searching during COVID

In these difficult times when so many in our industry are job searching and doing their best in the “new normal” I try to share as much information as I can to help. When Lindsay Sutherland Boal asked me to join her in a conversation about job searching as part of her COVID Chronicles Canada Series I was glad to share my thoughts.

Click below to watch our episode as we discuss:

How the Job Seeking market has changed because of COVID (00:48)

What employers are looking for (00:59)

What personality traits employers need to see now (01:15)

The benefits of a contract position (01:32)

How to do well in online interviews (02:27)

The challenge with online interviews (02:50)

Best Interview tip here: (03:18)

The interview process is longer. This is why: (04:04)

Best tip on getting the interview here: (04:30)

Advice: effective storytelling (04:49)

What job seekers are looking for (05:33)

Advice for emerging talent (05:53)

Architecture & Interior Design Talent Community (Canada) on LinkedIn (07:30)

Workin’ Moms parenting through COVID (07:43)

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