Secrets of job searching during the holidays

The stores are decorated; the smell of Gingerbread latte is in the air. Shopping lists, holiday events and family gatherings are on everyone’s mind. And what about your job search? The myth is that no one hires during the holidays so you might as well stop and take December off of your search.

While some Architecture & Interior Design firms close down the office between Christmas and New Year’s Day, you can use the weeks prior to the holidays wisely to boost your job search. Since many professionals do halt their job search at the beginning of December you will have a much easier time standing out of the crowd and reaching decision makers otherwise too busy to contact.
Here are a few holiday job search ideas you can easily apply:

Send an e-card

Make the most of the holiday season to keep in touch with your contacts. Use this as a friendly way to remind them that you are available and looking for the next step in your career. Don’t just send cards to friends and family; target hiring managers, recruiters and companies where you’d like to work, too. If you are sending cards (rather than e-cards) enclose your business card when sending to professional contacts.

Make the call

Hiring managers are more likely to answer their phone this time of year as regular workflow slows down a bit. If you have been eyeing a specific firm, pick up the phone and call the hiring manager to introduce yourself. Before you call make sure you have done some research about the company and have a good pitch about how your experience might be a good fit for their work.
Understand that the hiring manager may not be in the position to hire right this moment and that your call should be a professional introductory one.

Keep your partying professional

Take advantage of holiday parties and other gatherings to be visible. Your message is a positive one: You’ve got great skills and abilities and are excited to be looking for a new opportunity to use them.


The holiday season is one of the best networking times of the year, as people are more open and less swamped than usual. Those that never have the time to forward your e-mail, make a suggestion or introduce a connection might be more inclined to do so now so go ahead…ask!
Networking is a two way street so take the time to help others. Look for opportunities to use your connections to help your network. What goes around comes around.

Evaluate your job search

Take a look at your resume and what strategies you have been using in your job search. What has been working well and what has been yielding poor results. If applying online to jobs has not been working for you, what can you do differently as a next step?

Take some time for yourself

Dedicate time to your job search, but be sure to spend some personal time on the holidays. In the long run, taking a break and a bit of time off can rejuvenate and refocus your job search and help you when you get back on track.