Don’t forget to do this on your next interview

When preparing yourself for an interview, there is one important part that is often forgotten – you are there to ask questions too!

This is your chance to find out if this is an organization you actually want to work for – you are interviewing the employer just as much as the employer is interviewing you. By asking the right questions, you can also prove you are qualified for the role and motivated to join the firm.

With this in mind, I have put together a list of questions you could ask in your next interview – these questions should aim to get you some in-depth insight into the company and the role you are applying for, while also highlighting your motivation to succeed and excel in this role.

  • Can you describe “a day in the life” of the person in this role?
  • What are the firm’s expectations of me within the first 6 months?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • What do you enjoy the most about working at this firm?
  • What might some of the challenges in this role be?
  • What are the opportunities for development and advancement in this company?
  • What projects are currently on the go? (Show interest in the company’s processes, projects and direction)
  • Can you tell me a bit about the team I would be working with?

I generally suggest not to ask about salary, benefits or training in a first interview. Focus on the career opportunity and your potential fit to the role instead.

Incorporate these questions into your conversation when the opportunity arises. Take notes and use this information to figure out whether this position could represent the next step in your career.