Top 5 Tips for Your Fall Job Search

Fall is here and its time to get motivated and prepared for the busiest time of year when it comes to changing jobs. I encourage you to take the time now to prepare yourselves for the fall season, when companies reach their annual hiring peak.

What can you do now so you can make the most of career opportunities coming your way?

  1. Create a powerful resume

Create a powerful and interesting resume that’s relevant and current. Make sure your resume communicates your experience in the best possible way. For tips on building a strong, traditional resume – check out my blog article.

  1. Review and update your portfolio

Needless to say, a strong portfolio is crucial in the design and architectural industry. Don’t just throw together a chronological collection of your work dating back to your school days… rather put some time and effort into choosing the very best of your projects – the ones you are proudest of – and try to relate them to the types of positions you are now looking for.

For an easily customizable portfolio option that doesn’t require heavy lifting – check out the option of an online portfolio

  1. Make LinkedIn your friend

These days, LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search tools. Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters and employers can access your profile and find you on LinkedIn. Take the extra steps to seek out relevant connections within your industry and make sure you get well connected!

  1. Prepare for interviews

Has it been a while since you last interviewed? Brush up on the latest interviewing etiquette and get prepared and confident for your meetings…

Research some of your target employers and be prepared to listen and ask questions.

  1. Have fun!

Oftentimes, people forget to relax and have fun during the job searching process, in particular in the interview setting. Be yourself, be confident and know that the right job for you is out there…

Best of luck!