5 Tips for Expressing Enthusiasm in an Interview

An important part of the interviewing process is to show a genuine interest in the new role and the company.  Most interviewers are influenced by the candidate’s ability to present themselves in an impressive manner, right from the start of the interview. Whether you are the type of person who naturally presents themselves confidently, or you are more of an introvert, there are some key things you can prepare for and master ahead of time, to ensure you express the right amount of enthusiasm and motivation for the role. Here are some examples:

1. First impressions always last – This may seem basic but showing up on time and dressing appropriately are simply crucial when interviewing and expressing genuine interest in a potential role, the company and the pending life change.

2. It’s essential that you research the firm thoroughly prior to an interview. Then, share some of the research you’ve done to demonstrate your interest in the firm. For example, you can refer to the firm’s projects, accomplishments, methods of work or other interesting info that seem relevant to you.

3. There will always be a time in your interview for you to ask questions – this is a sure way to illustrate your interest while the answers will paint a clearer picture of the firm and job you are going for. Be well-prepared for this by having specific questions well thought-out in advance. Here are some sample questions:

  • Can you describe “a day in the life” of the person in this role?
  • What are the firm’s expectations of me within the first 6 months?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • What might some of the challenges in this role be?
  • What are the opportunities for development and advancement in this company?
  • What projects are currently on the go? (Show interest in the company’s processes, projects and direction)
  • Can you tell me a bit about the team I would be working with?

4. A sure way to express intent, motivation and interest is the way you carry yourself in an interview. Be aware of traits like your tone of voice, smile and body language – and most importantly, a strong handshake upon your first meeting with someone.

5. Last, but not least, conclude the interview by reiterating your interest in the firm and the job. No need to overdo this, just include a genuine, simple sentence that solidifies your enthusiasm and commitment moving forward.

In short, try to enjoy the interviewing process! If you take the time to prepare, research and practice the necessary elements mentioned above, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a positive outcome.

Good luck!