How to Stand Out in a Crowd of Talent

Is doing a good job enough to stand out from the crowd? How can you, as a team member, working alongside other talented professionals shine and be noticed? One way to go beyond the limits of your job description is to identify a niche field that you are passionate about, and become THE expert in your company on that specific topic.

Whether you are focusing on technical matters, discovering the latest trends or best work practices, as an expert you can make a contribution to your firm that will get the attention of others. With time, you will gain an elevated level of respect. This expert status could be what it takes to get you better work assignments, raises and promotions. Your initiative will certainly have a positive impact on your career.

If you are serious about progressing your career within your firm and having greater success in your job search, should you choose to make a change, read on for some expert-making pointers:

1.    Choose your area of expertise and practice, practice, practice

You may already have an area of expertise, but if you don’t, choose something that isn’t yet covered by someone else in your workplace. This will give you a step up as you become the “go-to” person for that topic. Becoming an expert takes a lot of time, discipline, dedication and effort. Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose something that you are passionate about as the passion will drive you to forge ahead during discouraging moments. 

2. Network with leaders in your field

If you’re looking to up your game professionally, you should be surrounding yourself with people who elevate and inspire you. Get out there and network with like-minded professionals and leaders of your field, and then bring your new-found knowledge and expertise in-house. Don’t be shy – talk, ask, listen and learn from others. There are various ways to network, online and in person.

3. Share your knowledge

If you want to be seen as an expert, then present yourself as one, specifically in your workplace. Look for opportunities to share your expertise, inspire others and demonstrate your skills in-house and in your professional community. Consider writing an article for a design-related publication, or start a blog and encourage your colleagues to read it. You should also offer your time to train or present at internal company meetings, as well as at external conferences or meetings.

Sharing your expertise can benefit you by further engraining your knowledge. If you know any rising stars in your company or field, take them under your wing and guide them by sharing your knowledge and mentoring them.

4. Be a thought leader and keep your finger on the pulse

In this day and age, experts and leaders are always looking for the next new thing. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, explore new trends or improved concepts and push the boundaries of your field. Make sure you subscribe to relevant publications that cover emerging trends and follow leaders and experts on social media, and share the findings with your colleagues.

Innovation and thought leadership is key to being an expert in your field, so be daring and think out-of-the-box!

5. Knowledge is power

Needless to say, learning and absorbing new information is core to expertise. Take courses online and in-person, read as many books, blogs, publications and articles as possible, join LinkedIn groups, join associations, and learn from others wherever possible.

I hope this article inspired you to take some steps towards enhancing your expertise. Even if you start off slowly by just choosing one of the points listed above, or your go at it full force – you have nothing to lose!