How to Beat Boredom at Work

It’s only natural to sometimes feel bored at work. Especially here in Canada, around this time of year – we are in the thick of winter and the holiday season is a distant memory, so we need to dig deep for that extra bit of motivation in the work space.

My advice is to try taking advantage of this situation, think out of the box and do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do to get you inspired and motivated. Here are my top tips for bearing boredom in the workspace:

  1. Change of scenery – Try working from a different place – often the change of scenery assists in changing your mental state.
  2. Laughter is the best medicine – Find something that makes you laugh – a YouTube video, a funny story, a friend that makes you laugh – it’s a sure way to lighten the mood.
  3. Learn something new – Choose to spend some time educating yourself on a new topic. It’s never a bad idea to stay ahead of industry changes, know the latest new trends and emerging technologies, or master some new skills.
  4. Socialize and look to collaborate – As humans, we naturally tend to withdraw when our mood is down. Talking to someone you wouldn’t usually speak to, offering help to others, and initiating conversations will surely lift your spirits.
  5. Write a blog post – Even if you’ve never written a blog article, it’s a great exercise in changing the perspective from your daily routine. Start with something simple, a topic you know a lot about, and go from there.
  6. Become an expert at something – Choose something you are already good at, and focus on becoming an expert at it. Take every opportunity you can to learn more about it – watch videos, take a course and practice – until you’ve mastered it.
  7. Reorganize your office – Look around you and force yourself to rearrange things. This too will change the perspective of things in your direct environment, which usually sparks some inspiration.
  8. Remember that “this too shall pass” – It’s important to acknowledge that this phase will pass, and it’s only natural to go through these slower times.

Even out of boredom, we can find positivity. So if you are bored at work – hang in there, try some of the above ideas and keep moving forward!