10 Ways to Rock Your New Job

Starting a new job always comes with a mix of emotions – lots of excitement, together with nerves about the unknown. First impressions do last, and there are certain things you can do from the start that will jump-start your success in a new role. Here is my list of top 10 things you can do when starting a new job – read them, implement them, and reap the rewards:

1)      Extended interview period

Its normal to feel a sense of accomplishment once you get hired for a new job. But, the truth is, you now need to prove your deserve it. Think of your first 90 days as an extended interview and take each day to prove you deserved to be hired. Work hard, work smart and don’t take anything for granted!

2)      Go the extra mile early – and often

Even though you probably don’t have all the skills, experience or contacts needed when starting a new job; you do have all the willingness to work hard. This willingness and eagerness will outweigh any lacking in other areas, so put yourself out there and go the extra mile.

3)      Help your manager, don’t obey them

Work should be enjoyable – and no-one really enjoys taking orders and obeying someone else. Instead of thinking of your manager as someone you need to obey, look at your job as you helping your manager – the more you help them achieve their goals, the more highly you will be valued and the more rewarding you will find your job.

4)      Set expectations up front

Ask your manager what they believe success will look like in the first week, month, and three months – by learning their expectations, you can work towards meeting these expectations and even set your own. Also, if you’re in a managerial position, it’s important to begin setting expectations with your direct reports from the get go – from communication style to office hours, that first week sets the tone.

5)      Mirror the top performers

Scout out the top performers in your new company and figure out what makes them so respected and successful. Research how they approach problems and how they make decisions – and try to mirror their actions and work ethic.

6)      Find your way to shine

This is the best way to become known and more respected – find a worthwhile niche that will benefit the company and one that you will enjoy and thrive on – and work hard to excel in that area. This will make you stand out in the best possible way.

7)      Think about the bigger picture

Always think a few steps ahead with each task you are given. This can be done by foreseeing where the task might lead you, what skills you can learn and sharpen, what new connections you can make, and what visibility you can gain. The truth is that every task can lead to a number of great possibilities.

8)      Create your own project and run with it

Excelling at a given task that you’re assigned is expected. Excelling at a project you create yourself is exceptional. Don’t wait to be asked to do something, or to be assigned to a project – dream up a side project that you are passionate about, and run with it. If it doesn’t work out – no problem, but imagine the consequences and possibilities if it does work out and management like what they see…the sky is the limit!

9)      Update your social media presence and connections

Once the new job has officially started, it’s important to update your title across your own social media platforms and also start following your new company and colleagues. As you meet new people, solidify the new connection by finding them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

10)   Never eat lunch alone

One of the best things about a new job is the new people that come along with it. Every single person you’ll work with in your new position — from the receptionist to the CEO — can teach you something valuable, and maybe even be a mentor for your career. Most successful people constantly ask questions and seek guidance from everyone around them, so get to know the people around your office, treat them with respect, ask questions and learn from them. And, you’ll even make some new friends in the process!

If you are  starting a new job remotely making connections could be quite challenging. Consider sending a quick ‘hello’ email as an introduction to everyone on the team, and let your coworkers know you’d be happy to chat to get to know them better. You could even suggest a quick “virtual coffee break” with team members.

Don’t forget to have some fun,